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Lawn and Ornamentals

The Threats Your Lawn Faces

The first step in creating and maintaining that envious landscape is to promote the healthiest environment for your turf to thrive. Our lawn program is based around an all natural fertilizer that feeds not only the turf and ornamentals but also the soil. When soil and grass are healthy they naturally defend against environmental threats, such as weeds, disease, and damaging insects.


Pests in Your Lawn

Mole crickets, chinch bugs, and sod web worms are just some of the many lawn pests that can devastate and inflict damage to your turf. These particular insects have different life cycles. Knowing when to target these pests is critical to controlling them. Our Lawn Enhancement Professionals are experts in knowing when and how to target and control these pests. Fire ants and mosquitoes can also be a summertime nuisance, that we have programs for as well, so you can enjoy your lawn without the constant biting from these annoying pests.

Aphids and lawn pest control
Fire ant control


An unhealthy lawn can play host to numerous turf diseases which can play havoc on your landscape. Our warm temperatures and high humidity can encourage turf diseases. Improper irrigation and mowing habits are a large factor for propagating disease, our technicians are trained in giving recommendations to prevent disease damage caused by these factors. Proper maintenance along with prescribed treatments by our trained Lawn Enhancement Professionals will help decrease the risk of disease within your turf and assist in ensuring a quality lawn.

Brown lawn spots, weeds, fungus


Weeds are a common occurrence in our warm climate. There are numerous types and classes of weeds that are common to the Emerald Coast. We are actively finding ways to combat those unwanted weeds that irritate your landscape. We have been very successful in controlling weed populations with our pro-active methods using a combination of herbicides and lawn maintenance strategies with the homeowner.

Weeds and dollar weed control
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