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Lawn Solutions

With Bryan Pest Control you can avoid the regular hassle of purchasing, storing and applying unwanted pest control products and their application equipment. Bryan’s professional service staff has been highly trained to identify turf disease problems as well as cultural problems, which have a high impact on our Florida turf grasses.



Regular inspections are crucial and are performed by our trained Lawn Enhancement Professionals at the time of the scheduled treatment. Upon arrival at your property, we will inspect your landscape for evidence of threatening insects or disease and diagnose the overall health of your lawn.


Bryan Pest Control Lawn Care Service is provided on a recurring basis with treatments that may include an insecticide for mole crickets, chinch bugs, army and sod web worms as well as the dreaded fire ants. We include a micronutrient package in our fertilizer so that your landscape will receive a "complete" and balanced nutrition program. We also include fungicides for foliar disease control and a herbicide for broadleaf weed control.Bryan Pest Control Ornamental Service consists of treating shrubs and landscape plants. This type of service may include treatments for whiteflies, aphids and scale insects, coupled with a fungicide for foliar diseases and a liquid or granular fertilizer with the right combination of elements to promote vigorous plant growth and facilitate a healthy landscape.


Our commitment to you is we will strive to provide the best possible service in the control of any issues you may have with your lawn and ornamentals. We will continue to diagnose concerns that arise and make every effort to remedy those issues.

Heathly lawn, shrubs, and garden
Weed and pest control service
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