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Termite Solutions

The best defense is a good offense to prevent termites from doing damage to your home. By treating your home for termites, before there is an issue, you can save yourself many costly repairs in the future.



The first step in protection is a thorough inspection of your property, inside and out.

An inspection by a qualified professional will:

  • Confirm whether termites are present,

  • Uncover potential termite trouble spots,

  • Help determine the best approach to eliminate any existing infestations, and

  • Develop a plan to prevent future attacks from termites


The next step is we will provide specific treatment recommendations. Our plan of attack will be carefully considering factors including:

  • Age of structure

  • Structuring traits

  • History of infestation

  • Previous treatments

  • Potential entry points for termites, and

  • Your unique needs


We offer the following strategies to eliminate the issue of termites and combine different strategies as necessary to ensure your home is protected:

SENTRICON Colony Elimination System

The Sentricon Colony Elimination System destroys the Termite Queen and her colony by using highly desirable baits strategically spaced around the perimeter of your home. When the termites discover the bait through their constant foraging the bait is distributed throughout the entire colony, effectively eliminating the whole population.

Sentricon is a past winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award.


Liquid Termite Treatment

We use the latest and most trusted termiticides, including Termidor, Altriset, and Premise to name a few, in order to treat critical areas where termites can enter your home or business.


Your family’s well-being comes first when deciding which strategy is best for your investment. Our commitment to you is to protect and prevent damage to your property while ensuring we treat your home or business with the best treatment plan available.

Formosan Termite Inspection
Sentricon termite colony elimination system
Termite Solutions for your home and business
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