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Bryan Pest Control has been locally owned and operated since March of 1977. We are dedicated to providing responsible, environmentally-friendly pest management services to Florida’s Emerald Coast. We are licensed by the state of Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control in three categories:


  • General Household Pests

  • Termite

  • Lawn and Ornamental


Throughout our years of serving the Emerald Coast we have kept a host of satisfied customers, which include homeowners, rental agencies, schools, the United States Air Force, numerous local government agencies and larger corporations – just to name a few. We are leaders in the pest control industry having three past presidents of the Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA) as well as attending the latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training to lead the way with environmentally friendly pest management practices. With Bryan Pest Control, know that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Let the SWAT TEAM be your first choice for all your pest control needs.

Mosquito breeding in standing water

Water, Water, Water...!

Too much water, too fast…  

Lots of standing water creates a great way for mosquitoes to breed.


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Seasonal Information: FALL
  • Current pest threat

Mosquitoes. Fungus and disease in the lawn.

  • Bryan says be on the lookout for:

During the latter part of summer when it becomes hotter and more humid due to afternoon rains, another pest becomes more of an aggravation – mosquitoes. The problem – mosquitoes are more prevalent when the weather is moist and humid; the more mosquitoes the more chance of mosquito bites and the risk of encephalitis. Mosquito bites begin with itching and irritation; and the scratching may result in infection and infected sores. Mosquitoes may also transmit serious and sometimes fatal diseases to humans and their pets. Those afternoon rains also breed the risks of fungus and disease in your landscape.

  • Helpful Hints from Bryan

Prevention is the key to success from pesky mosquitoes. Mosquito larvae or "wrigglers" must live in still water for five or more days to complete their growth before changing into adult biting mosquitoes capable of transmitting disease. Often the number of mosquitoes in an area can be reduced be removing sources of standing water. Hundreds of mosquitoes can originate from an old discarded tire. Protect your home and landscape from mosquitoes by contacting us. 

Adjusting your watering schedule will help prevent fungus and disease in your lawn.

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